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"I built this press last fall ... and wish I would have bought your hardware kit. It would have saved me tons of time and even some money.

My advice to everyone: Buy the complete hardware kit and follow the plans/instructions exactly. I had a lot of fun building this machine. Thanks for sharing."

---Ron B.

Buy the hardware for the 4-color T-Shirt Printing Press:

Updated 2021 - We are transferring inventory to a new warehouse so there may be some delays. Please write us at email for hardware questions to see what our current shipping time is and to request 10% off of your order 

Save money, time and hassle by purchasing the T-shirt printing press hardware right here. Because we buy the hardware in bulk, you can actually buy it from us for LESS than you'd pay by hunting down all the parts yourself. We've also drilled the necessary holes in the C-clamps as well as cut, drilled and smoothed the metal brackets.

Click the "Buy Now" button below to use Paypal or your credit card through the Paypal site (no Paypal account necessary). Use the drop down menu to choose your location in order to determine shipping costs.

To see what's included in the hardware package, scroll down to the chart below.

A. Full Hardware Kit with holes drilled in C-clamps (see chart below for package contents)
In stock - updated 2021

Full Hardware Kit - Order based on your location

B. Full Kit, including lumber New version now available! This kit has its own product page. Follow this link to go there.
<--------See note


Refer to the following chart to see what's included in each package:

A. Hardware Kit
Lazy Susan / Turntable (1)
C-Clamps (8)
Holes Drilled in Clamps
Springs (8)
Hinges w/ Screws (4)
Turnbuckles (8)
Lag-eye screws: Large (8); Small (4)
Hex Cap Bolts (assorted sizes)
Hex Nuts (assorted sizes)
Washers (assorted sizes)
T-Nuts & thumb screws (4 each)
Angled metal, cut, drilled & countersunk
Wood screws, assorted lengths; 18 oz (enough for full press)
contains specialty screws
ALL the lumber needed for the press, precision cut and drilled  
Hardware for micro-registration  

What else will you have to buy? If you purchase the hardware-only kit, you'll still need to buy the lumber. If you purchase either the hardware-only or the full kit, you'll need wood glue, metal glue and basic woodworking tools. The full kit requires fewer tools, as in that case there is no sawing or cutting.

This is the metal glue you can use to attach the washers to the C-clamps.


Kit A (Hardware-only kit):

Hardware for T-shirt Printing Press

Note: Colors of actual items may vary from pictures.

Shipping: Hardware is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Orders are sent out in 14-24 business days and typically take 2 days in transit (in the US, longer elsewhere). If you are concerned about the timeline, please contact me at
email for hardware questions
prior to purchase to double check that it can be sent out right away.



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