Kit – Lumber, Hardware, Instructions for four-color micro-registration screen printer


Micro-Registration Four Color Screen Printer

With the off-contact adjustment, micro-registration both left & right, tabletop mobility, sturdy precision, with an adjustable shirt platen!

All of the lumber is precision cut and includes all of the hardware parts to complete your kit.

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–Off-contact adjustment: Use adjustments to change the angle and height of each screen arm, so your screens float at the perfect height above the platen. Left or right height adjustements can also be made.

–Micro-registration: Left and right adjustment: On all four screen arms, use a knob to move the screen from side to side to align multi-color shirts, or to adjust the position of single-color images. Front, back and rotation adjustment: On all four screen arms, use two knobs to move the screen forward, backward and/or twist the screen into position.

–Table-top mobility: The main kit will now be a table-top machine which you can either attach temporarily to any surface, or bolt down to a table or workbench. An optional table with screen storage can also be purchased. Being a table-top machine, it will now be much cheaper to ship, especially to other countries outside of the U.S.

–Sturdy precision: In addition to all of these new and fancy features, the press will still be sturdy and precise in its printing, just like the old version.

–Adjustable shirt platen: The shirt platen can be moved and then tightened to any point on the platen arm. It’s easy to add your own custom platens as well.

This kit includes each and every part needed for building our full four-color screen printer with micro-registration.

This has all of the lumber, screws, bolts, nuts, springs, hinges, and the swivel to build a precision machine that will print four colors with perfect alignment. This system should be built for learning good techniques, and when properly adjusted it generates excellent shirts, fabrics, and posters.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 8 in