About Us

Being of sound mind and body has never been my strong suit. But this screen printer works, whether from the plans or from the full kit for micro-registration.

We have begun to ship this kit again, afer a long hiatus. We have found that we can once again buy the wood required without the kit costing more than the purchase price. We are encouraged by the people who continue to download our plans. We encourage you to purchase the hardware kit will is conveniently packaged, all in one place. The economy of traveling to multiple locations is just not there any more. The hardware kit that comes from us will provide all of the materials required for the building of the printing press plans that are here.

My name is Tim, otherwise known as Lord Grayan Bald, if I were to have a D&D name. (Ok, that isn’t true, but it fits. I am not a lord, by any stretch, but I am gray if there is hair, or I am bald.)

I am now the owner of PrintingPlans.com. Michael has graciously allowed me to take over the business. So far, because of supply chain issues, the cost of wood has been excessive, and has not allowed us to sell the full kit for the micro-registration printing press. We are continuing to work our way through this issue and are now begin to sell a few at a time. The intent here is to build the number sold so that we can make improvements on the design.

We operate from central Texas, and will ship your kit via Fed Ex ground. To the US and Canada this generally takes about 3 to 5 days, and we will ship, generally within 3 working days (M-F, except for holidays), of receipt of the order. Hardware kits for the plan built press will be shipped within 2 work days (M-F, except for holidays).

Thank you for considering our plans and our kits, as we continue to make improvements of our business, and our committment to our printer’s users. We hope to improve the technology, and provide full assistance with getting your hobby or your business rolling for the best price possible. We will help you begin a printing side gig you can be proud of.