Four Color Screen Press

Plans and Kits

Our original four-color screen printer was built out of necessity. Looking for a way to print shirts and posters of his artwork Michael built the printer and was born. Over a decade later, we still provide free downloadable plans for our cornerstone project. This printer has been featured in youtube videos and modified by makers and builders all over the world. Our four-color screen printer has a stable and consistent placement of the printer arms for excellent printing results.

In addition to the downloadable plans, we offer two kits.

The first one has all of the required hardware for building your printer. This kit includes all of the screws, bolts, nuts, springs, and rotating turntable. All you need to do is cut the lumber, drill the holes, and put it together.

The premier kit is our four-color, micro registration printer with everything except the soft goods. Precision, robotic, cut wooden parts from either 5/8″ or 3/4″ hardwood (maple, birch, or oak) plywood to build the printer. Also included is all of the hardware to build your printer which will generate high quality, consistent results time after time.

Plan built press with screens loaded

Download Free Plans

These plans include not only include the four-color screen printer but a table to stand it on.

Even if you purchase the full kit, I would recommend that you build the table part of these plans so that you have a sturdy built table with screen storage slots upon which to put the printer. It helps keep things together.

front page of the PDF

Plan built Hardware Kit

hardware kit thumb

This is the plan set for our four-color screen-printer.

Built correctly this printer will work through hundreds if not thousands of prints with multi-color layers.

Full Kit with Micro Registration

Micro-Registration Four Color Screen Printer

With the off-contact adjustment, micro-registration both left & right, tabletop mobility, sturdy precision, with an adjustable shirt platen!

All of the lumber is precision cut and includes all of the hardware parts to complete your kit.

in focus printer head